IADS is proud to offer a number of accredited specialist services and solutions designed for the Defence Industry.

Support services for aircraft, unmanned air systems and weapons development, certification and acceptance programs

The full spectrum of flight test operations services
Flight test instrumentation design and calibration
Flight test telemetry design and implementation
Airworthiness and system safety management
Qualification and certification
Development of operational tactics
Fighter training operations
Research and development in various disciplines of aircraft development

Turn-key solutions to the defence industry for:

Specialised facility development
Project development and supply
Project management and systems engineering on complex projects
Logistic support
Fuel distribution

Capacity to provide support and undertake projects in the following categories, at the spare part, component, sub-system and system levels:

Ammunition, explosives, riot control equipment, infantry weapons and combat support equipment
Vehicles, both soft-skinned and armoured
Rocket and missile systems
Communication, command and control systems
Electronic warfare systems
Tactical, logistical and military support equipment
Laser weapons systems
Inertial sensors and related equipment
Other military equipment

A variety of specialised short courses:

Various levels of fighter training support
Weapon system evaluation
Operational test & evaluation
Technical report writing
User requirement statement development