State of the art facilities, using the best international procedures, standards and equipment.

The GFTC has the following core flight test execution capabilities:

– Flight test operations
– Flight test control room
– Flight test instrumentation
– Telemetry ground station
– Secure telemetry data capture and storage
– Data processing
– Data analysis
– Logistic support

The GFTC is a SAAB and South African Air Force (SAAF) accredited flight test facility that is operated by IADS and IA in collaboration with the SAAF and SAAB.

It is an advanced flight test support facility with internationally trained and experienced personnel.

The layout of the GFTC is optimized to host flight test operations in a secure working environment with facilities such as:

– Hangar bay
– Flight test control centre
– Telemetry ground station
– Secure telemetry storage facilities
– Secure IT networks and communication
– Facility security and fire protection system
– Stores and inventory control system
– Aircrew changing facilities
– Offices for personnel and customer test teams
– Board room